Galerie v. Hobe creates high-quality oil paintings according to your specifications.
One of our specialities is using photographs to reconstruct paintings which have been destroyed or lost. This means you have the possibility of bringing works you thought were lost "back to life".

One of our particular strengths is reproducing ancestral paintings.

Even if disagreements concerning inheritances arise, an artist from Galerie v.Hobe can produce one or more copies of a painting.

If you would like to create an "ancestral gallery" featuring the founders and successors of your company or the Board of Directors, you've come to the right place.

Our academically trained artists create oil paintings of any kind. Copying the works of old masters or impressionists has always been part of the art school syllabus. The artists at Galerie v. Hobe have taken this skill to a new level of perfection.

Our artists create hand-crafted works of any design based on a photograph using the finest Belgian canvas and first-class oil paints.

Our range of services also includes research work. If, for example, there is any uncertainty about the colours for a uniform being portrayed, we will find out for you. We will also ensure that the new painting corresponds to the original.

Regardless of whether we are copying ancestral paintings, reconstructing paintings using a photograph or painting other pictures, our artists work according to traditional processes. Layer by layer, we create each painting in line with your wishes.

We will also find the right frame for your painting.