About us

Galerie von Hobe was founded in 1990 by Edgar and Marion von Hobe in Hamburg. After more than 30 years of existence, the change of generations took place in August 2021. The gallery is now continued by the daughter of the founding couple, who dedicates herself with great enthusiasm to the new task.

Since its establishment, several thousand paintings have been made, which today hang in private homes, museums, churches, barracks, companies, hospitals and doctors' offices. The quality of our work is so high that our customers are happy to recommend us to their families and friends. With high quality and moderate prices, we are constantly expanding our clientele throughout Europe and overseas. One of the main focuses of our work is portrait painting and the copying of ancestral paintings. And of course we will find the right frame together with you.

We will be happy to provide you with expert advice on the design and framing of your painting.

Generation change after 30 years.